Fabian Dablander PhD Student Methods & Statistics


Bayesian Vector Autoregression for Structure and Parameter Learning. Talk at Psychoco, Prague, Czech Republic, February 2019. [Link]

Centrality measures as a proxy for causal influence? A cautionary tale. Invited Talk for the Network Analysis course, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, December 2018. [Link]

Validating Driver Profiles in the Mercedes-Benz driving simulation. Invited Talk for the Behavioral Studies Colloquium, Zürich, Switzerland, May 2018. [Link]


Default Bayes Factor for Testing the (In)equality of Several Population Variances. O’Bayes, Warwick, United Kingdom, June 2019. [Link]

Node Centrality Measures are a poor substitute for Causal Inference. European Causal Inference Meeting, Bremen, Germany, March 2019. [Link]


Bayesian Statistics: A Conceptual and Practical Introduction. Workshop at the Complex Systems Summer School, Santa Fe, New Mexico, June 2019. [Link]

From 2014 to 2018, I was fortunate enough to give workshops on Bayesian inference in several countries. The most comprehensive version of this workshop can be found here.