Fabian Dablander PhD Student Methods & Statistics


Epidemics, Networks, and Interventions. Talk at the Network Lab Meeting, Amsterdam, 3rd of April, 2019. [Link]

Anticipating Critical Transitions using Early Warning Signals: Theoretical and Practical Considerations. Invited Talk at the Psychological Methods Kolloquium, Berlin, Germany, December 2019.

Default Bayes Factor for Testing the (In)equality of Population Variances. Talk at FMGE2019, Kiel, Germany, September 2019. [Link]

Bayesian Vector Autoregression for Structure and Parameter Learning. Talk at Psychoco, Prague, Czech Republic, February 2019. [Link]

Centrality measures as a proxy for causal influence? A cautionary tale. Invited Talk for the Network Analysis course, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, December 2018. [Link]

Validating Driver Profiles in the Mercedes-Benz driving simulation. Invited Talk for the Behavioral Studies Colloquium, Zürich, Switzerland, May 2018. [Link]


A Breeding Pool of Ideas: Analyzing Interdisciplinary Collaborations at the Complex Systems Summer School. NetSci, Rome, Italy, September 2020. [Link]

Default Bayes Factor for Testing the (In)equality of Several Population Variances. O’Bayes, Warwick, United Kingdom, June 2019. [Link]

Node Centrality Measures are a poor substitute for Causal Inference. European Causal Inference Meeting, Bremen, Germany, March 2019. [Link]


Bayesian Statistics: A Conceptual and Practical Introduction. Workshop at the Complex Systems Summer School, Santa Fe, New Mexico, June 2019. [Link]

Causal Inference: An Introductory Workshop. Invited Workshop at the University of Amsterdam, November 2019. [Link]

If you are interested in having me give a workshop on Bayesian statistics or Causal inference, do not hesitate to contact me!