Fabian Dablander Postdoc Energy Transition

We are in a climate emergency. And it is getting late.

We thus need to act swiftly and with resolve, yet governments around the world are either moving too slowly or in the wrong direction. To put pressure on them and force change, we need to build the largest, most inclusive social movement in history. Climate action has to move from something that others do to something that we all engage in. Each and everyone of us has a role to play — this is humanity’s decisive decade.

Education is a vital first step. Personally, I became truly aware of the enormous scale and urgency of the crisis only recently, starting in the summer of 2020, when the ongoing Covid disaster compelled me to take a closer look at the (scientific) literature. Below are some resources that I have found useful on my journey so far; note that they are in no particular order. Some of the things I have learned are summarized in a recent talk.

I will try to add to this list going forward, and I hope that some of it will be useful to you.

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