Fabian Dablander PhD Student Methods & Statistics

I began my academic journey in Graz, Austria, where I studied Psychology and Philosophy. Dissatisfied with both, I looked for a more formal way to study the human mind and behaviour and ended up in Tübingen, Germany, pursuing a Masters degree in Cognitive Science.

For my thesis, I stepped out the ivory tower academia can sometimes be and worked with a car company on evaluating artificial driver models in their traffic simulation. While that was fun, academia is fun too, and so I started a PhD at the Department of Psychological Methods, University of Amsterdam, in December 2017. Broadly speaking, I am working on topics related to Bayesian inference and testing, dynamical systems, causal inference, and time-series analysis.

Besides academic things, I’m thinking about how we can utilize people’s quantitative skills for the social good. To that end, I co-founded CorrelAid Nederland, Data versus Corona & Strategies versus Corona, and am a co-organizer of DataMission. From 2015 to 2018, I was editor at the Journal of European Psychology Students where we introduced Registered Reports early on. You can find me @fdabl or email me using my last name dot my first name at gmail dot com.

The idea behind writing blog posts is mostly to write more and regularly. As the posts will chiefly be about statistical problems or ideas, they presuppose some affinity with mathematics. However, I am trying to make them as accessible as possible, and I hope you find some of them informative!